Kinematic is a band from Melbourne, Australia.

Serving up sonic treats for hungry ears since the turn of the century. Unsigned and independent, our songs have appeared on radio, podcasts and TV shows, here and overseas, and fans on three continents have made music videos for us (cos our fans are totally awesome).  Latest feature from Soundcloud is Oregon from our second album The 38th Parallel, featuring some tasty slide guitar and beautiful backing vocals from our friend De.

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Let's Go Out Tonight

What's going on at Kinematic HQ

Live at Bakehouse   Mar '18

A year ago this month we recorded a live, in-the-round concert film at Melbourne's renowned Bakehouse Studios, with the help of our friends, family, legendary Pozible pledgers and director Zacary Millsom. We're (finally) one big step closer to honouring those pledges with the release of the first trailer!

A bunch o' stuff!   Jan '18

We've had a couple of quiet years lately, but it's all been leading up to something, honestly.  In 2018 we plan, hope and intend to ...

• Release the Live at Bakehouse film and album.
• Try that new Thai restaurant that's opened up around the corner.
• Release the Let's Go Out Tonight single.
• Release our as-yet-untitled acoustic album.
• Finish watching the last season of Breaking Bad.
• Play a bunch more shows, including a monthly spot at Red Betty.
• Generally, work less and play music more.

Hey, it's the Kinematic Christmas special!   Dec '17

And for the ninth year running we've gotten our act together enough to get our Christmas present under the tree just in time.  I know, right?  This year we've returned to the more unusual side of the Kinematic coin, with a song written back in 1996 by Gordo, Kristian and Stove of Melbourne punk/funk trio Snorkel.  The Kinematic version is remarkably different to the original, which didn't feature saxophone, banjo or ukulele.  It's weird ... enjoy!

Kinematic live at Red Betty
The 38th Parallel
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